Gorilla Holders

The 1,063 richest gorillas in the world are preparing to make all kinds of gifts, are you going to miss it?


The Team

Donkey Kong




King Kong


Frequently Asked Questions

They are algorithmically generated 1,063 gorillas who are living on the Terra blockchain.

We are a team of three friends, who left their corporate lives behind and fully committed to make Gorilla Holders a reality!

Depending on the number of nfts that are sold, we will make several giveaways, from a car to several iphone 13s, going through a trip to Japan with expenses included. In addition, we will donate part of the money to an NGO related to gorillas

-2009- After a plane crash, a group of gorillas access the laptot of a Cambridge professor, where they discover interesting documents about a new revolutionary currency that will change the world, BTC. Driven by testosterone, the gorillas grabbed all the cash from the people on the flight and bought bitcoin, priced at $1 for 1,309BTC. Moved by the constant increases in bitcoin, they decided to diversify into other projects, such as ethereum, in 2015, and even, since then, bored by their wealth, in some memecoins. Nowadays, absurdly billionaires, they have decided to give us some pleasures, such as, 1 trip to Japan with a hotel included, 1 precious rolex, mobile phones (iphones and xiaomis), 20 TERRA, and much more.